Women are the base of life, and it is the women who give birth and makes the world bright with their glance and kindness. Every year people celebrate women’s day and mother’s day to tribute the wonderful women on this earth. But unfortunately in many places women are still fighting for their identity and are undergoing harassment brutally. In the 21st century, a woman has reached the moon and is doing all kinds of jobs that any men can do, and still, they have to fight for their existence and have to struggle for their survival.

Due to the extreme levels of stress and pressure in the women, most of them are committing suicides or else becoming psychological victims. The men have to provide their support for the women in reaching their goals and achieving success. There was a famous saying that “behind every successful man, there is a woman behind him.” Unfortunately, no woman raised the quote about the men till today. But still, the countries are developing fast and are noticing the extreme growth in the development of the nations. Women can play a pivotal role in binding the relationships in the family.

The counselors or the psychiatrists have been providing relationship Counselling sessions to those couples whose relationships are on edge. It can help them to give a chance to their relationship and can live happily as others. It can be the responsibility of both the men and women to sacrifice their individual choices to have a happy family. Women can have a strong will and balanced mind. They can manage the situations better than the men can do. Today, most of the woman are working and are handling both the personal and professional life in a balanced way. In many Asian countries, women are not well educated as men since years. It is because, they have to take care of their families and men can have the duties of earning. Even now, some people kill the girl child before her birth. All these consequences are adding stress and pressure on the mental condition of the women. Today women have to become reliable power and have to fight for their rights in the society. They are as equal as men and can do anything for their families and their nations. It can be the responsibility of the every individual to respect women and to show their gratitude towards them.

Even men and females should have the mutual understanding to lead a successful life whether it may be their married life or their professional career. In many cases, couples counselling becomes necessary when they face any relationship issues. When people are happy in their relationship, they can have mental peace and can be able to achieve anything. Today women can play the vital role in building a home or the nation with their efficiency and skills.