Mental illness is a very real problem in this world that we live in because of how fast life has become and how much our lives have changed from what they used to be just a decade ago. While the advancement of technology has helped to make our lives a lot better, it has also opened up doors for many issues. Sadly, young people are forced to work much harder to earn a lot less money and the amount of time that young people work means that they rarely get time off for themselves, to spend time with their families or to pursue their own hobbies.

Not spending time relaxing and on your hobbies and working nonstop can cause severe depression and various mental illnesses. At the same time, not spending time with your family can cause rifts within your family and this too can lead to stress and depression. As such, modern life is the cause for many of the problems people have but ironically, we live in a world that does not pay much attention to mental illness and does not even regard it as real.anxiety counselling

Educate yourself on the subject

It is vital that every human being is well educated in the subject of mental illness so that they are able to recognize the symptoms in themselves and also recognize the symptoms in someone they love. It is the sad reality of our world that suicide rates are rising rapidly while we continue to ignore or not even notice mental illness when in fact, anxiety counselling Fremantle or some other therapy could have helped these young people. More often than not, these young people are calling out for help but no one ever notices or seems to care which is what leads them to the point of depression.

When a young person commits suicide, most of the people around them say “I wish they had told me”, “if only they had reached out to me” but the truth is that they did reach out and these people never noticed. It is important that we all know of a place that has depression counselling Perth so that we can recommend it to a friend that we suspect needs our help.In many cases, all these people are looking for is a friend that understands and a friend who will listen. It is a feeling that is hard to explain but at the same time, at least being able to speak out about it loud to someone, helps a lot.